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Destination Experts is the fast,reliable and affordable USA visa consultant in delhi for Indians.Our Aim is always to provide you the best and cost effective services. We take all the hassle out of getting the USA visa and using our many years of experience to give you the best service from our end. **Visa come get it**

For Onlining, following documents are required

  • Passport with validity of more than six months

Steps to Get Visa

Processing Time to Get Visa

Your visa fees include

Documents to be carried at the time of Submission at OFC and Embassy/Consulate

    • Passport with validity of more than six months.
    • DS-160 Confirmation
    • Appointment Letter
    • Payment Receipt
    • Covering letter addressed to The Visa Officer, Embassy Of United States Of America from the applicant stating his name, designation, purpose and duration of visit.
    • Original Bank Statement for the last 6 months (preferably).
    • Income Tax paper for the last 3 years (preferably)
    • Additional Dcouments as per below occupational status :-

    If Self-Employed/ Business: –
    a.) Brief Company Profile.
    b.) Proof of ownership (Proof of proprietorship, Partnership Deed, Articles of Association)
    c.) Original Bank Statement of the Company for the last 6 months.
    d.) Income Tax Papers of the Company.
    e.) Balance Sheet of the Company

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    If Employed: –
    a.) Copy of Appointment letter.
    b.) Salary Certificate.
    c.) Leave certificate from the Employer
    For Students: –
    a.) Leave Sanction
    I/D card copy.
    b.) Proof of Fixed Deposits/ Investments/ Property Papers – If any.
    c.) Vehicle Registrations.

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** For your kind information Approval and Rejection is sole discretion for the embassy. Destination experts is not liable for any rejection.

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